How to Successfully Purchase a Used Vehicle

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  1. This article introduces the lines of service and service quality offered by Japan's leading used-car export and direct-sales website.

  2. Consumers (private individuals) in East African countries who are considering purchasing a used car.

    In particular, this article is aimed at residents of Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

    1. I.Getting started

      Although a vehicle is used, it is still not cheap.

      You certainly do not want to make any mistakes.

      This is why you should buy from a trustworthy supplier.

      So, how can you choose a trustworthy supplier?

    2. II.How to purchase a used car

      To purchase a used car, you can either employ the services of an importer or handle the importation yourself.

      If you use an importer, prices might turn out to be expensive even when you are choosing a cheap car.

      This makes buying a used car meaningless.If you would like to import the vehicle privately, you can do so through a used-car dealer website.

      Importing through a used-car dealer website is cheaper than hiring an importer, but you must determine whether or not you can trust that website.

    3. III.Why you should find a used-car dealer website you can trust

      In private importing, there is always the possibility of encountering fraudulent websites or dealers with malicious intent, dealers with poor customer service, or the delivery of poor-quality cars.

      It may seem like frauds always happen on the opposite shore, but in fact they happen quite often.

      For example, scammers might pretend to be you in order to have the used car that you thought was being delivered to you sent to them instead.

      Also, scammers may pose as used-car dealer websites and provide you with bank account information to get you to send them money.

      Factors like this mean that it is extremely important to protect yourself by finding a trustworthy used-car dealer website.

    4. IV.About used-car dealer website services

      When importing privately, it is important to pay attention to the services that a used-car dealer website offers.

      Since you will be handing over a significant amount of money, you should select a used-car dealer website that allows you to purchase your vehicle safely and confidently.

      Almost all vehicles purchased through private importing are received at a port.

      For inland countries, however, traveling to a port means making an approximately 2,000 km journey by car with two people.

      Then, after receiving the imported car the two people must return along that route, each driving a separate car.

      Because your purchased vehicle will not necessarily arrive at the port right away, you may be forced to wait several days in times of high traffic.

      In addition, there is a danger of being waylaid by bandits on the return trip.

      Because some roads are unpaved, there is also a risk of your car breaking down.

      However, a service exists that can solve these kinds of problems for you.

      That service is called City Delivery.

      City Delivery is a service that will deliver your vehicle to a city close to you. Additionally, there are services that can do things for you like repair the vehicle if it breaks down or handle difficult customs procedures.

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